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as logistics services will imp▓rove to better serve Chinese consumers, David Bell, a busi▓ness professor with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, said while visiti▓ng Shanghai Jiaotong University last month.Last year Amazon Chin▓a launched a Prime service, offering free shipping to its paid members.Prime members will receive their packages from around the world within five to nine working days by air delivery ▓and other time-saving procedures. Regular customers have to wait betw

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ve users in China as of the end of 2016 was 23 times the number in 2014, and m▓ore and more Chinese sellers are seeking fortunes in t▓he overseas market via Amazon.For example, ILIFE, a robotic cleaning device developed by a Shenzhen-based company, is ranked in third place among similar products in th

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d more American customers choosing quality products made in China,"▓ he said.Gan Chunhui, deputy head of the China Society of Industrial Economics, said the consumption-driven economy developing in China not only means rising

demand for consumption and services, but also will help promote upgrades throughout the indu▓strial chainAmerican projects in China, for example, have benefited the traditional manufacturing industry elsewhere so that othe▓r countries

may also participate in the new economy, said Gan.Many of the ceram▓ic products sold at Shanghai Disneyland, for example, are manufactured in Thailand."With va▓lue-added products based on intellectual property, traditional manufactu